Why We Do It

The World as we see it

The world is rapidly changing.
By 2050 the global population is predicted to grow by a third: an extra 2 billion people competing for space, resources and a decent standard of living.

Almost all of these new lives will take place in cities in the developing world. When you consider that cities in the ‘developed world’ are responsible for 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, it’s clear that if the urban developing world doesn’t grow in a more sustainable way, there are huge implications for us all.

But we believe that it can.

In fact, we believe that sustainably lifting billions out of poverty is the only way to tackle the challenges of resource scarcity and climate change.

That’s why the ecohouse initiative exists: to drive innovation in the urban developing world, so that everyone can grow.

Our Vision

We imagine a future where urban communities are empowered to live in ways which improve their environment. To develop in ways which eliminate poverty. To grow without excluding any individual.