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Brazil ’14 Week 8: Good bye, Good luck, and Good food

So Roberta left me with the task of writing the Brazil team’s last blog post. Not wanting to let her

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Brazil 2014 Week 7: Bees, Rio and Lost Dignity

It’s my last post from Brazil before I head off home and leave you in the hands of the others-

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Ecuador ’14 Week 8: KA Kids, Baños and Final Goodbyes

Having finally stuffed 95% of my belongings into a suitcase, I’m lounging on the living room sofa enjoying the sounds of

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Brazil ’14 Weeks 5 & 6: Five broken hammers later…

Here’s the story of weeks 5 & 6, all rolled into one! It’s Par-a-ti time! On the way into the TETO office

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